Self-Organized Evasive Fountain Maneuvers with a Bio-inspired Underwater Robot Collective

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Several animal species self-organize into large groups to leverage vital behaviors such as foraging, construc- tion, or predator evasion. With the advancement of robotics and automation, engineered multi-agent systems have been inspired to achieve similarly high degrees of scalable, robust, and adaptable autonomy through decentralized and dynamic coordination. So far however, they have been most successfully demonstrated above ground or with partial assistance from central controllers and external tracking. Here we demonstrate an underwater robot collective that realizes full spatiotempo- ral coordination. Using the example of fish-inspired evasive maneuvers, our robots display alignment, formation control, and coordinated escape, enabled by real-time on-board multi- robot tracking and local decision making. Accompanied by a custom simulator, this robotic platform advances the physically- validated development of algorithms for collective behaviors and future applications including collective exploration, track- ing and capture, or environmental sampling.

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Intl. Conference on Automation and Robotics (ICRA)