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Current Open Positions

The SSR lab is currently full (2023-2024) and at this time we are not taking any new Postdocs, PhD, masters, or visiting students. Note that we do not take high-school students in this lab. Thank you for your interest in our group. We are a small sized lab and only able to accommodate a limited number of open positions each year. 

  • If you are applying to PhD/postdoc positions in swarm robotics: Here are some alumni labs to consider: Prof. Mike Rubenstein (Northwestern), Prof Kirstin Petersen (Cornell), Prof. Nils Napp (Cornell), Prof. Sabine Hauert (Bristol, UK), Prof. Spring Berman (ASU), Prof Karthik Dantu (SUNY). 
  • If you are a Princeton undergraduate interested in robotics: For COS juniors/seniors, Prof. Nagpal is teaching a Spring 2024 COS IW seminar called “Reimagining Robotics through Art”. For MAE/ECE juniors interested in this class topic or lab research, please email Nagpal directly as described below. At the moment we do not have positions for first-year/ sophomores. Also see the Princeton Robotics Website for other faculty labs in robotics.

Applying to the Nagpal Lab

Our lab's research focus is on swarm robotics and bio-inspired robots, especially the combination of embodied intelligence (hardware design) and collective intelligence (algorithm design). As a lab, we are committed to having a creative, interdisciplinary, team-oriented, deliberately diverse, socially-responsible, nurturing and fun environment. 

Here are some things we look for:

Research Match and Experience: Our lab is primarily interested in robot swarms, bio-inspired robots, and self-organization. Currently our focus is on novel hardware design, the co-design of robot embodiment and algorithms, and some computer vision. We are also looking at new applications in underwater and space domains. Note that we do not do machine learning or control theory, for that you should consider other labs. We are especially excited to have lab members with experience building novel robot systems. Make sure to highlight your robotics experiences and interests in your email and resume.

Social Equity Match and Experiences: Diversity and equity are important components of the SSR lab culture. We are especially excited to have lab members who can "interrogate the status quo", and who challenge historical power inequity through their lived experiences and activism (e.g. SWE, NSBE, SHPE, BiR, engineers without borders, etc).

How to Apply: If you are interested in joining our group, you can send email to Prof. Nagpal ([email protected]). See above for what we are looking for, and below for what to include. If positions are open, and there is a good match, we will get back to you within 5 days. Otherwise no position is available. Sending repeated requests is heavily discouraged. 

  • For PhD, apply directly to MAE or COS at Princeton (not ECE). You can also send me an email with your resume, research interests, and social impact work. I will read your email, but I only contact students after the application phase if there is a match.

  • For Postdoctoral applications, email me a short description of your interests and prior research experience, any social impact work, resume, and names of two references I can contact. 

  • For Princeton Undergraduates (MAE, COS, & ECE): Our lab's research is best suited for junior/seniors who can work with us for multiple semesters. We occasionally take  fresh/sophomores MAE students through the MAE SPRE summer research program. Nagpal also teaches a COSIW seminar each spring for COS juniors and seniors. Feel free to email Prof. Nagpal and include some information, e.g. what type of IW experience you are looking for (e.g. junior IW, senior thesis, hardware vs software), your resume, what technical classes you've taken, and any social impact work you'd like me to know about.