Press and Highlights

Selected Press

Lab Highlights

Our lab is proud and grateful to have had many accomplishments over the years.

  • Robotics and Biology Impact: Our lab has demonstrated several "firsts" and our work has received many awards and press. Some highlights are: the Kilobots, Termes, and BlueSwarm robots (published in Science/Science Robotics), the Robobees project (we co-led NSF $10M Expedition), Self-adaptive modular robots (IFAAMAS Dissertation award), Social insects and Tissue networks (Nature 2022/2004). In 2014, we were chosen for Science “Top 10 breakthroughs”. Our work has been covered by National Geographic, the Atlantic, Wired, BBC, TED, and the non-fiction book Underbug (2018).
  • Commercialization: Root Robotics and Kilobots. Our lab's educational robotics startup Root Robotics was founded in 2017, and acquired by iRobot (2019). Our lab's Kilobots were commercialized by K-Team Inc. Both Root Robots and Kilobots can be purchased online, and over 10K robots exist worldwide in labs and homes. We also co-developed patents in soft robotics and soft orthotics. Our lab is a founding member of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, and supported many robotics-related tech transfers and startups.
  • Museum Exhibits: Our lab's robots have been on exhibit at Boston Museum of Science ("Wicked Smaht" permanent exhibit), California Academy of Sciences (BUGs Exhibit), Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design, Kennedy Space Center, TED, and more. Our robots were also selected for Nature magazine's "Top ten cutest animals" (!?!) and advertised on UCSF Buses!
  • Lab Alumni include faculty at top research and teaching universities (e.g. Cornell, Stanford, Olin), two startup founders (Appier, Root), and senior engineers in industry. 
  • Activism: Our lab is deeply invested in culture change and equity in academia. We lead new activities to support gender/racial equity and self-education every year.